• Mist

    Product introduction

    Product features

    A high efficiency multi-stage oil mist filter. When oil mist is sucked into the purification chamber, it will go through pre-filter (removable and washable), remove big oil particles. The smaller oil particles and mist will go into the second stage filter i.e. centrifugal filter. Small- and medium-sized oil particles will bump into the shield with the centrifugal force and gather into oil drops down to the bottom of the filter and will be discharged through the drain valve by deriving spot located in between of filter stage and fan room. 

    80% of the oil mist will be collected after the first stage and second stage filtering. The rest will go into the third stage filter for further processing. There is a post filter the fourth stage) as an option for getting rid of odor oilmist effectively.

    Special design: water proof and oil proof filter worksperfectly for water soluble and non-water soluble mist. 

    Built-in water proof motor, compact and light weight

    Slide rail structure, easy installation and maintenance

    Energy saving, low noise




    CNC machine, lathe, cylinder grinder, machining center, press machine, grinder, gear cutter, washing built, rapid machining etc.



    After filter (for removal odor and fine oil particles)

    Control panel                                                                                                                         




    Do not use for inflammables such as gasoline, thinner, paraffin oil etc.

    If dealing with high temperature substance or special active oil mist, please contact us.



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