• Fume

    Product introduction


    ARC Welding,CO2 Welding, MAG Welding, Gouging, Special Welding, and all kinds of processing generating fume & dust 

     Product Features
    Micro Fume Elimination Filter - world leading micro fume elimination filter technology. (0.3um, efficiency 99% ) To process welding fume and to collect dust at the same time
    Excellent shake off result (Air pulse jet shake off method)-using compressed air which easily cleans up the filters and to extend the filter’s life 
    Suction hood- flexible arm can rotate 360° around the welding point and hover above and built-in turbo fan gives strong suction force
    Digital manometer indicates the time to change filter and  horizontal integrated filter is convenient to change. 
    Secondary filter removes and adsorbs odor.
    *7m long power cable attached       *Voltage:220v/380v
    •Suction hood:A-type bending hose(ø100,ø125,ø150)
    •HEPA filter
    •Auto Air Pulsing Panel
    •Dry dust only, avoid any moisture,oilymaterials,and flames.
    •Air tank is needed for cleaning filter
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