• Dust

    Product introduction


    This series is widely used in tobacco, pharmaceutical, food, construction materials, metallurgy, chemical, mechanical manufacturing, casting industries to remove dust, recycle powder and clean working environment. It also has excellent performance in filtering and cleaning the ultra-thin dusts from polishing, drilling, acrylic processing, cutting, destruction, rock polishing, sack packing & sealing, cut grinding, sander, metal processing etc.

    Product features

    24-hour operation (Air pulse jet shake off type)

    Automatic clean of the filters, easy operation and no engine stop. When the surface of the filter saturated, the auto-clean function starts and blows the compressed air in a reverse direction to the filters one by one to make sure the dust removal function working well.  

    The air pulse dust collector provides two operation models: constant/manual

    Enlarged filter cartridge

    The filter cartridge is rug fold so to increase the filtering area and improve the filtering efficiency.  

    There are various filter materials to be chosen for different types of dusts and air filtering.

    According to different industrial requirements, there are build-in-one and split models available. 

    Easy installation

    Both right and left inlets available.

    Rolling wheels and handles make it easy to move.  


    Compact and powerful high-performance turbo fan is built in fully sealed chamber so the noise is low 

    APS(Air Pulse System) Panel

    The new Air Pulse Panel reminds users when the filtering materials should be changed.   

    The performance curve is under different pressure loss 


    Check the connection between the compress air tank and the filter before the auto clean starts. 

    Dry dusts only, avoid mist, oil mist or sparkles. 

    Make sure to have a ground connection to prevent an electrical hazard.

    If you are working with explosive materials (aluminum powder, titanium powder, epoxy organics etc), please contact us before using the machine.

    If processing sparkling materials such as metal particles during cutting, please install PRE DUSTER before use.

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