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    Companies to participate in 2011 Shanghai International Industry Fair

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    CAT air purification Corporation is Korea South Korea ranked first in the field of air purification equipment manufacturer . Has an excellent professional design team with rich experience in the design of industrial purification , and has a number of product patents. Pollutants can be based on corporate site conditions designed to produce a unique filter to meet customer needs . Improve people's working environment while reducing product scrap rate, and improve enterprise efficiency. Over the years through Shanghai Kim environmental companies to thousands of Chinese enterprises to provide quality products and services.

    Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Suzhou Colin Wald by China , South Korea, Sweden, in Suzhou, China set up three specialized design, production and environmental protection equipment and energy-saving products of industrial joint ventures. 4000 square meters of factory located in the beautiful Suzhou Taihu Lake. Company's products are used every one in Europe and South Korea's original design, the important core components imported from overseas factory direct control quality engineers from abroad to ensure that each piece of manufactured products to achieve the original standard in Europe and South Korea.

    Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Kim is South Korea CAT, Alpha and Colin Wald environmental protection equipment in China, the total distribution. Responsible for product sales , service and overall plant removal program design and construction , experienced engineers to provide you with the most effective and reasonable removal program . While providing customers with adequate cash support and parts inventory.

    Company 's main products sold by China, South Korea, Sweden tripartite joint venture in Suzhou Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. Colin Wald assembly . Each one manufactured products are made of original technical Korea and Sweden . Product has passed CE and ISO9001 quality certification, and a large number of export to Europe , America, Australia, Russia and other places.

    In recent years , we have Siemens , 3M, Honeywell , SKF, Baosteel, China Shipping, BMW and other thousands of businesses to provide quality products and services, and has become a large Fortune 500 enterprises designated Gold Supplier.

    "Alpha " is the Shanghai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Kim registered trademarks Kim . Alpha arm is Shanghai Kim environmental company patented products, sales in the first six consecutive years of China and has been exported to Europe, South Korea , Australia and other countries and regions, the total domestic sales for many years accounted for 70% or more. Kim . Alpha Arm product control valve handles and cover mouth are in English at the "alpha" and "ALFI" label.



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