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    CleanWorld  Environmental Protection Equipment(Suzhou)Co., Ltd is a joint venture with investors from China, Korea and Sweden. We have a production area of 4000 square meters near Taihu Lake. We have been in the field of environmental protection equipment for many years. All the products we produced have passed CE and ISO9001 quality certification.

    Based on advanced European and Korean design and technology, imported core components, strict production and quality control by senior engineer from overseas, we have taken leading position in Chinese market. Currently, our clients include fortune 500 companies such as SKF, Siemens, Honeywell, VW etc and other large Chinese companies such as Baosteel, China Ship and BMW Brilliance etc. Meanwhile, we are developing international market in America, Germany, Britain, Korea Malaysia, Brazil and Russia etc with success. By high quality and good return of investment for clients, we have become the manufacturing base of certain products from Korea and Europe and won Golden Supplier reputations.

    We will keep improving and developing new products and provide best services to our clients all over the world. Join "CleanWorld" and to clean the world together !

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